KVM VIRTUAL SERVERS in Norway / 45% OFF LAUNCH SALE / Direct Asia Peering / IPv6 / Network Security

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Use coupon 91yun during order to get 45% off!

What differentiates us from the crowd?

+Latest infrastructure – Our hypervisors are powered by E3 v6 (Kaby Lake) processors and utilises ECC registered DD4 RAM. Storage is protected by hardware RAID 10 (LSI controller). You can also choose SSD space, for lightning fast storage access.

+Network security and mitigation – With today’s ever-evolving online threats, you can be assured that we have the appropriate defences. (Anti-DDoS)

+Native IPv6 support – You’ll never need to worry about running out of IP addresses, as each VM includes a /64 IPv6 subnet (over 2x 10^8 individual addresses)! Connectivity is future-proof and ready for today’s demands.

+Fully guaranteed resources – The memory and storage allocated to your VM is fully guaranteed. There will be no over commitment. We always leave extra resources for stability.

+Semi-managed service – Sit back and let us do the work for you. In cases where your VM is unable to access the internet, OS issues or any sort of malfunction, we will investigate for you. We’ll try our best to solve it free of charge. Please note that this does not apply to custom webserver setups, scripts or applications.

+Centralised virtual server management: Each virtual server will come with access to a control panel, that allows you to perform reinstallations (choice of Linux or Windows), change certain emulation settings and control power functions.

  • Direct peering with China Unicom (~200ms to Norway).

All virtual machines are based on KVM virtualisation.

45% off listed pricing on our shopping cart - remember to use coupon 91yun.


Intel CPU - 1 core
Storage - 10GB RAID 10
Bandwidth - 1TB/month
Dedicated IP - 1

Price: $11/month

Order URL: https://xhostfire.com/clientarea/cart.php?a=add&pid=25

Other plans: https://xhostfire.com/clientarea/cart.php?gid=10

Choice of OS or custom installing through noVNC (submit ticket).

Includes /64 IPv6 subnet on request.


Additional IPv4 addresses - $2.50/month
Additional IPv6 subnets – free, depending on usage.
Additional traffic - check order form
Additional RAM: $10/month per 1GB (1024MB)
Additional storage – manual setup, please contact us.
Additional CPU cores: $10/mo per 1 vCore.

Payment options: We accept payment via PayPal, credit and debit cards (via 2CheckOut) and Bitcoin.

Customer guarantee: If you’re not happy within 24 hours, simply let us know via our billing system with a short reason and you will receive your money back. (applies only to PP/2CO).

Prohibited activities and ToS: Please visit: https://www.xhostfire.com/terms

Test IPv4:

Thank you.



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    @singhigh 说道:

    Thanks, in the future we'll provide special offers (in other regions) at much lower prices than you can find elsewhere.

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    @singhigh 说道:

    Thanks, in the future we'll provide special offers (in other regions) at much lower prices than you can find elsewhere.

    yes, and you may offer us a trial VM and I would like to make a review on our main site.