[Promotion] Aulerion - SSD Cloud Servers - starting at $2.5 - 18 Locations - Double Credit Offer!

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I am Florian, the President of SquareFlow, the people who run Aulerion.com. We do currently have an ongoing promotion where we double your deposit, that means, if you add $10, you will get $20. If you add $20 you get $40 and so on. You may be curious why you would choose Aulerion? Let us explain:

  • 18 global locations (we're everywhere!)
  • Hourly billing (no monthly commitments)
  • PCCW routing from China to our network
  • We run our own Global Backbone to increase throughput and reduce latency
  • Based on our own self-developed control panel
  • Route optimization service (we continously strive to improve our backbone. Send us a traceroute and we will try to improve the line!)
  • Alipay/Wechat Pay/Bitcoin/PayPal/Credit Card accepted!

Our smallest plan starts at only $2.5 per month or $0.003 per hour!

1 vCPU
512MB Memory
10GB SSD Disk
500GB Transfer
10Gbps Uplink

To apply the promotion, sign up, add credit (deposit money) and enter the gift code: FLASHMATCH.
Please check out our website: https://www.aulerion.com/

Our most interesting datacenters and their Test IP addresses: