For Overseas Providers: Guide to join 91Yun - Top Chinese Hosting Community

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Hi, Welcome to our site! 91Yun, a top Chinese hosting community, where hosting experts, key clients and quality providers gathered.

About US, founded in mid-2015, now is a most important part of the Chinese hosting community, for our main site, we have more than 9000 PV and 2000 UV, and may be a most influential hosting site among the Chinese hosting community (see: ).

We collect qualified hosting providers' offers, review providers to the Chinese users. Also we are minimizing gaps between western providers and Chinese customers on some issues, and doing our best effort to make Chinese be a civilized user,such as: less disputes on Paypal, fewer abusive use, etc. We believe have FEWEST abusive users among Chinese hosting review and community sites.

This site, is a new project by's stuff, we are also making innovations for hosting communities.

Also, we have made some popular scripts in review hosting for Chinese users. For more informations, please contact us.

How to join this forum?

You can press "注册" button to register an account. If you don't know Chinese, no worry! "电子邮件地址" = Email; "用户名" = username; "密码" = password; "确认密码" = confirm your password; "为什么你要加入呢?" = Please tell us why you are joining this community. (If you are a qualified provider from LowEndTalk, please mention it here.) We manually review every application to anti-spam and frauds. After the manually review and you are approved to be our provider, you may post your offer through button "新话题". You may post offers in English since almost everyone here understand English.

How to be a provider here?

If you are a provider qualified by LowEndTalk, or you have in hosting business, you can get provider tag to post offers for Chinese hosting buyers!

To be a provider Just drop an E-mail to michael (at), or directly contact on telegram via

Rules of posting offers

  • Use licensed WHMCS, directadmin or related hosting / billing softwares;

  • Allow Unlimited Shared Hosting plans;

  • All offers should be post in offer category. Or just start your offer here:

  • Two offer posts must have 14 days gaps, unless the offer is more than 25% off than the lowest offer you have posted on this forum and LowEndTalk.

When is the best time to post offers for Chinese?

Yes, for Chinese users, we have quite different holidays or special days, the most important holiday is Christmas in most western country, while for Chinese, it is Lunar New Year (aka: the Chinese New Year, the first day of the Lunar Year). Also we have a Chinese Blackfriday, which is Nov. 11, and two Chinese Cyber Monday (June 18 & Dec. 12), because many malls and online shops will 50% off even 90% off on that day. Of course, limited quantity!

And if you want to post offers but you don't know what holiday or special day is coming, just drop a PM to our staff and we are very glad to answer you!

Post offers on our main site:

If you have a such request, just send me a Email or directly contact on telegram via