Hostodo - Asia Optimized KVM VPS - 768MB RAM - $3.50/mo or $25/yr - 1.5GB RAM $5.50/mo or $45/yr

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Hello everyone,

Hassan here from to present some new KVM VPS plans with Asia Optimization on the network.

We accept PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin, and Skrill at this time.

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Test IPv4:
Test Asia Optimized:
Test IPv6:

30GB Disk Space
1500GB Bandwidth
2 CPU Cores
1 Asia Optimized IPV4
KVM Virtualization
Los Angeles, CA

$3.50/month or $25/year ::

1536MB RAM
40GB Disk Space
1500GB Bandwidth
4 CPU Cores
1 Asia Optimized IP
KVM Virtualization
Los Angeles, CA

$5.50/month or $45/year ::

We do not allow any CPU intensive processes on our nodes, if you plan on using over 100% of 2 cores for an extended period of time you will be suspended. Legal adult content, private VPNs, private proxies are all allowed and encouraged. Bulk mail is not allowed, BitCoin mining or similar is not allowed along with anything that is illegal in the state of California. You can read our full Terms of Service at:

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